7 Spanish-inspired housing decor that we fell in love with


Spanish-style living spaces not only feel traditional and sophisticated, but they also embody a sense of warmth and comfort. These homes incorporate a lot of decorative ground, stemming from an earth palette, whilst embracing the boldness of colours and patterns.

Here are 7 of our 7 Spanish-inspired housing decor favourites that we fell in love with.

A Rustic Touch with Terracotta Tiles

A tile that no other can replicate, the timeless terracotta tile adds an inviting warmth to your home. The unique statement made with a terracotta tiled floor embraces a sense of the Spanish-inspired rusticness.

Not only this, terracotta tiles are known for their durability and toughness, a versatile tile to be used anywhere in your home.

Timeless Nude Wall Art

When it comes to finishing touches, we’re obsessed with Nude Wall Art to keep things elegant, clean, and uncluttered, paired with sensibly chosen, chaos-like furniture and other Spanish-inspired decor.

Maintaining a sense of calm in chosen areas with nude wall art opens the

opportunity to combine and play with other colours in your home.

Allow the room to do the talking whilst adding a touch of timelessness to complete your home.

A Classy Element of Exposed Wooden Beams

The foundation of any Spanish-inspired home is oversized, exposed wooden beams. Sheltering the home with a classy protection of warmth that works beautifully with any interior.

Bringing a glimpse of Spain into your home is best done through exposed structural elements, which can be complemented through unique furniture and accessories. The essentials to all Spanish interior design is to pay attention to the details by styling every home component. 

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Spanish-Influenced Furtniture

Colours, patterns, and textiles are key ingredients to a homely, inviting space with a vibrant personality. Don’t be afraid of colour, and don’t be afraid to bring contrast and detail to your room through your furnishings.

Patterned furniture will pair perfectly with your timeless terracotta tiles, providing you with a blank space to dive into your creativity.

Adding Variety through Talavera Tiles

We can’t get enough of using Talavera Tiles anywhere and everywhere in the home, bringing each independent space to life. The fruitful tiles bring character and passion, creating a sense of comfort and care.

Enjoying the playful combinations of colours will encapsulate the Spanish inspired look, in a traditional yet contemporary way.

Adding Style with Bright Woven Rugs

You don’t need the typical Spanish architecture to adopt the iconic feel in your home. A bright, colourful, and patterned woven rug will assist in bringing life and charming character to the space.

To bring an element of depth and beautiful detail, opt for the hand woven, antique rugs.

The Antiqued Pottery Aesthetic

Encapture a piece of history and heritage in your home with antiqued pottery. This often-overlooked decor piece welcomes Spanish elements without going over the top.

Pottery is another timeless piece which offers a clean aesthetic in a tradiitonal yet contemporary way. 

Spanish-inspired living embodies a sense of warmth and comfort through its sophisticated style. These are our easiest ways to adopt a Spanish-Inspired feel to your home using native decor pieces.

Remember, the interior of your home should encapsulate your personality and eye for design, so adding those personal touches will make the biggest difference to creating a unique and humble home. 

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