Examining The Different Types Of Xanax Bars


Xanax, like other benzodiazepines, is habit-forming. For those suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, suppressing neural activity can help alleviate anxiety, but taking too much can have adverse side effects that may place one at risk of overdosing. The only way to legally receive Xanax is through a prescription, as the prescription is a careful dosage that reflects appropriate outcomes for anxiety reduction as opposed to high doses of sedation. 

For Xanax, the bars are sought-after by those seeking high strengths of the drug to achieve effects quickly. High doses can slow down one’s breathing to the point of overdose. Any reference to the Xanax bar is of a high dose drug and is not what is commonly prescribed by a trusted medical doctor. 

Now that you’re familiar with the strength of these bars, let’s examine the different types that are used illegally. Below, we’ll discuss the different kinds of xanax bars, their potency levels, and what they look like. Continue reading to learn more. 

Red Xanax Bars 

A commonly abused Xanax bar is the red Xanax bar. The red Xanax bar will have “R666” written on one side of the medication. Red xanax bars are always counterfeit and likely purchased on the dark web. These street drugs are unsafe and should never be consumed. 


Green High-Strength Bars 

Another abused Xanax bar is the green Xanax bar. Green xanax bars are high-potency xanax bars and come in 2mg and sometimes 3mg. Users gravitate toward these bars because of the ability to achieve sedative effects quickly and the option to control the dose by breaking apart the bars into sections. 

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Purple And Orange

The xanax bars that you may see prescribed come in orange or purple. It is important to note that xanax bars are not commonly prescribed; you’re more likely to be prescribed a pill form. 

Common prescriptions may include: 

  • Purple or orange Xanax that are split repeatedly. 
  • For purple ones, the prescribed dose is around 0.25 or 0.5 mg.
  • The orange pill is generally prescribed in 0.5 mg strength for those with anxiety. 
  • 1 mg Xanax blue pills may also be prescribed and are to be split into two half sections that separate the bar into four units. 

Note: The sections may be helpful for those taking Xanax for anxiety and who want to ensure they’re breaking apart the bar without taking too much. 

The Pink Pill

Other bars to be mindful of as illegal, unsafe drugs include the pink Xanax pill, some yellow Xanax pills nicknamed “yellow bus,” and lethal white bars that are counterfeit and contain fentanyl. 

Purchasing As Prescribed 

The need for a recognized, standard form of Xanax is an ongoing debate because of the confusion over the legitimacy of Xanax medications. Consumers are not always certain of the safety of the Xanax they’ve been prescribed and may be uncertain if they can take a form in a different shape or color. Ensure that your medication is doctor-prescribed and that you purchase it from a trusted pharmacy. 

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