Thursday June 25th 2020

“It’s not easy to pledge yourself to a cause.
Duty is like armor.
It’s heavy, and it’s not always comfortable.
It’s a promise to yourself to do what’s right.
When your courage is tested, remain calm.
Remember why you started.
Then run as fast as you can toward the fight,
knowing that no matter how it ends,
you’ve stayed true to your cause and yourself.
Loyalty and bravery, combined,
are greater than any super-power.”

~ Pamela Bobowicz

Wednesday April 17th 2019

“Cause it’s our future.
Because it’s going to affect us the most.
And also right now,
mostly it’s older generations
that are making these decisions
and they may have been alive longer,
but we have to live with the decisions
that they make for longer.
And so it is crucial
that we are the ones out here
demanding action
and that we really do
take our future into our own hands.”

~ Mary Ellis Stevens more