Must-Try Email Marketing Strategies for Up-and-Coming Musicians


Have you ever dreamed of making a living out of writing your own music and performing it in front of a thousand people? While it may not seem like a hard thing to do, paving your way so you can be at that stage does not feel like a walk in the park at all.

Every day, hundreds of new musicians are popping up in different parts of the world. From those, several people might be playing the same genre as you are. This makes the competition to get your music to people’s ears tougher.

Thankfully, email marketing is here to save your day and make your life as an upcoming musician easier than ever before!

3 Steps to Successful Email Marketing Campaign for Budding Musicians

There are only a handful of tools that can beat email campaigns’ effectiveness in helping rising musicians in reaching their fans and engaging with them. Surprisingly, it seems that this tool is often overlooked by many of them. Hopefully, you will not follow their same path and choose to make use of the tips below.

1. Build and Organize an Email List

An effective email list is the foundation of any email campaign, including the one used by a musician. This list includes all the email addresses that will receive any update from you, including any message about a new album or any digital live music poster you send out to make them come to your show. 

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An email list can be a very versatile tool. It not only allows you to use it as one of your PR channels but you may also treat it as a fan base. However, despite the importance of having a large fanbase, you should not stop at including as many names on the said list.

If you really want your music email campaign to work effectively, you need to start organizing your email list seriously. You can, for example, separate the names on that list based on their list and the kind of shows they attend to. This may take some time to do properly, but it should bring you sweet results at the end of the day.

2. Be Creative with Your Email Content

The next step after you have an organized mailing list is knowing what kind of email content you want to make and deliver. There are actually many email content categories that may help a musician, such as tour announcement emails, album pre-release emails, or simple newsletters that include a band poster.

Whatever email content you want to make, it is important to be clear about the message and be comprehensive about the details. While it’s true that these folks enjoy hearing your voice and seeing your face, they may find it irritating to read lengthy texts with muddled ideas in your emails.

Also, you should make your email as interesting as possible. There are various ways you can try, so don’t hesitate to experiment with them. To start, you can use a template that keeps a reader engaged when reading your emails. Including photographs from your latest shows can also be beneficial in this case. If possible, try to highlight any special offer you have for the readers.

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3. Monitor Your Email Campaign Results and Be Responsive About It

After sending several musician campaign emails, it is time for you to see what results they bring. One of the most important things to see is how many interactions you get from those emails, which include the percentage of emails opened by receivers, the percentage of links clicked by receivers, and other things that indicate people actually read your messages.

While all the numbers included during this process may overwhelm you at first, it is important that you consider the results of your email marketing campaign carefully. By doing so, you allow yourself to know what kind of content works best and what to improve from the less effective emails.

Don’t be afraid of not being able to keep up with the whole process. There are a lot of learning materials on the internet that should be able to guide you through each step. In fact, if you want to spend a lot of your time doing email marketing, there are professionals out there that are happy to help you with their skills and knowledge.

The Takeaway

The road to becoming a successful musician demands more than just your ability to make great music. You need to learn how to nurture the relationship you have with your fans and, more importantly, know how to keep them updated with the latest info about your latest gigs and events.

By following the tips above, you should be able to maintain a strong bond with your fans and make it easier for you to go up the fame staircase. Also, don’t hesitate to use online tools available, such as the band email templates provided by because they will make it easier for you to do the whole email campaign thing.

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