Thought for Today, We Are All Gods Children

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Thought for Today
Racism isn’t born, folks,
it’s taught.
I have a two-year-old son.
You know what he hates?
End of list.

~Denis Leary~

I have never considered myself a racist, a little prejudiced maybe, I think that is human nature, but I hate no one, nor any group.

I am reminded of an event that happened in my sixth grade class. One of my fellow students came running into the class exclaiming that there was a fight in the hallway. I had witnessed the argument, and asked, “You mean that black guy?”

My teacher, Mrs. Moore, called me a racist for making that comment. I was devastated, although I’m not really sure I knew what a racist was.

I never forgot that lesson and learned that people are judged, not only by color, but by religious and political beliefs, as well as by where they live. I have tried to accept people as they are and have often said,”I don’t give a damn who you are or where you are from, as long as you are good people.”


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