Tuesday March 4th 2008

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Thought for the Day

“It was character
that got us out of bed,
that moved us into action,
and discipline
that enabled us to follow through.”

~ Zig Ziglar

Hi, I’m Woody.
My introduction to middle management in corporate America happened with a material handling company in the late nineteen eighties. But that is not what this story is about, this story is about a colorful character I met along the way named “Woody”.

Woody was a sales representative for this same company where I worked. His character was something he was most proud of and the thing he desired the most respect. Arrogance and cockiness he considers necessary tools of the trade, but only if you can back that up with knowledge and facts.

Fact driven and determined he viewed every sale as his last, he spent countless hours determining the clients needs so as to deliver the maximum sale possible. Without fail, he always finds the sale within the sale.

Never scripted but always well thought out, his sales pitches were well-orchestrated poetry in motion. Never thrown off by questions or distractions, always cool and in control, he had a natural talent for getting and keeping your attention.

He asked one day if I minded if he practiced his sale pitch on me on a new product just introduced. I happily accepted as I always enjoyed watching him work. We proceeded out the shop where the new piece of equipment was located. Woody was going to demonstrate what he called a “Walk Around”. He walks the around equipment as he describes the benefits and features. He was about to begin when I noticed something unusual.

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“Hey Woody” I said, “You do know this is our competitors product don’t you?” To which he replied, “If you are going to sell your product, you have to know your competitors product too.” With that he completed his walk around.

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