I clearly understand the concept of simplicity…

i-clearly-understand-the-concept-of-simplicity-2 Simplicity

Thought for Today
“Live simply that others might simply live.”
~Elizabeth Seaton~

Being raised a country boy, by a mother and father who were children of the great depression; I clearly understand the concept of simplicity. It was a core value in my upbringing, which continues to follow me today. “If I do not need it, I do not buy it.”

That’s tough I know, and I have too many things that I really don’t need. I hang onto them because of another value I learned, “Save everything you own, you might need it some day.”

It is truly a rewarding experience to gather an accumulation of what most would consider trash and make it into something useful. In our hurry up and wait, instant gratification, disposable society we have forgotten the three R’s (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse).

A dear friend told me recently that the reason she did not recycle cans, bottles, paper, etc… is that “they” did not have a curbside pickup service in her area. My reply, “It is not “Their” responsibility! Check around, there are centers where you can take your recyclables yourself. Every little bit helps.”

My soapbox does not get as much use as it used to. I have learned that it usually does more harm than good. Nevertheless, every now and again I cannot resist.

Now days I just try to do the best I can and expect only that of others.

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