Tips on ensuring maximum efficiency and safety when installing a radiator

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Creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home is essential. However, there are a few factors that you should think about to ensure you’re getting the best from your heating. Efficiency is important, it means your radiators will heat your home effectively whenever you need it. Another aspect is safety – what do you need to think about to ensure your new radiator is installed correctly? Whether you’re installing a towel radiator in your bathroom, or a designer radiator in your living space, here are a few tips on how to ensure efficiency and safety for your family. 

Think about placement 

When you’re installing a radiator, the best place to start is to think about where in the room you’re positioning it. In the past, it was said that to get the best from your radiator, you should place it on an external wall, or underneath a window, in the coldest part of the room. However double glazing has made this unnecessary – so what happens now? You can place your radiator anywhere in the room that you like, if there is a specific area that you think is particularly chilly, you can place your radiator there but generally, the choice is yours! To improve your radiator’s efficiency and to ensure they’re heating safely, there are a few factors that you’ll have to think about, which we will look at in more detail below. 

Do not obstruct 

When thinking about the placement of your radiator, you should ensure that you don’t obstruct your radiator with furniture, like heavy curtains, your sofa, or cabinets. Blocking your radiator prevents the heat from circulating as it should and will not heat the room as you need it to. This can also become a fire hazard, as items may overheat. Ensure that your radiator is free from obstruction to benefit from the most efficient, safe way of heating your home. 

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Calculate BTU 

This stands for British Thermal Unit and is an essential measurement when it comes to installing your radiators for maximum efficiency. All radiators come with a BTU, which means you will need to measure your room to work out the BTU you need for your space. There are a few measurements that you’ll need to take, like the dimensions of the room you’re heating, and whether there is an external wall or windows. You can find BTU calculators online to help you with this measurement, which will ensure the radiator that you choose will provide you with the heating you need. 

Choose a suitable style 

If you’re looking for a radiator that can offer maximum efficiency, thinking about the style you choose is also an important factor. Convector radiators, for example, are said to be some of the most efficient on the market. The work by drawing air in at the bottom and pushing it back out at the top. A convector radiator can heat large rooms more quickly and efficiently so could be a good choice if you struggle to heat a larger space. Cast iron radiators also offer unrivalled heating abilities – they look and feel rustic but offer the most modern, effective heating. The column design allows air to flow more easily around it and has a larger surface area, therefore increasing heat output. 

Safety radiators 

Safety is crucial when it comes to heating, especially if you have children running around. Thankfully, there are efficient radiators that are perfect if you’re looking to install a safe option. LST, or low surface temperature radiators, are perfect for heating playrooms, and children’s bedrooms. They can create a warm, cosy environment, whilst keeping your family safe. If you need a powerful, effective radiator that heats your home quickly, there are modern safety radiators to suit you. 

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