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Zellige tiles are one of the hottest design trends of 2023. Handmade, natural, and completely authentic, their appeal lies in their imperfection. If you’re looking for a way to add an element of artistry to your home, zellige tiles are a fantastic idea. 

What are Zellige Tiles?


Zellige tiles are a type of handpainted ceramic tile from Morocco. Each tile is utterly unique, the result of local artisans glazing and then firing a special local blend of clay

The origin of zellige (zelij) tiles dates as far back as the 10th century and was a common feature of Islamic art, particularly in North African mosques. Local artisans often used zellige tile to create incredible geometric mosaic patterns in an array of rich earth-tone hues. Most commonly, these tiles were in the shape of stars or other complex geometric shapes, organized in illusionary, mind-bending patterns and colors. 

Today, the most popular shape in the US are square zellige tiles and zellige mosaic tiles. In a continuation of the artistic tradition, they are available in a selection of colors, such as white zellige tile, green zellige tile, and black zellige tile. 

Why are Zellige Tiles so Popular?


Simply put, zellige tiles are stunning additions to any home. Their one-of-a-kind, artisan look cannot be replicated by machines, making them truly unique. 

The past few years have seen the rise in popularity of Moroccan zellige tiles in the US. In the age of mass production, people have returned to embracing the beauty of handcrafted artisanal goods. 

Where Can I Install Zellige Tiles?

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Zellige tiles are incredibly versatile and can be installed almost anywhere. In residential interiors, zellige tiles can be installed on floors, walls, and even in wet spaces like showers. Zellige tiles are traditionally installed very close together with no gaps for grout in between. 

Consider brightening your space with a zellige tile bathroom or zellige tile kitchen. White zellige tiles are an ever-so-popular choice, but if you want to add some color, there’s a wide range to choose from. 

Another popular design trend has been to highlight the unique beauty of zellige tiles in a specific area, like a zellige tile backsplash, zellige tile accent wall or zellige tile shower

Zellige Tile Pros & Cons 

In addition to their incredible beauty, zellige tiles have many advantages: 

  • Versatility: zellige tiles can be installed on most residential interior walls and floors. 
  • Water-proof: zellige tiles can be installed in showers and other wet areas. 
  • Heat-resistant: zellige tiles can withstand high temperatures. 
  • Easy to install: Only a thin-set mortar is needed to install zellige tiles.  

Since zellige tiles are handmade, they do have some disadvantages: 

  • Durability: Zellige tiles are not as durable or hardwearing as natural stone or porcelain tiles. Therefore, we do not recommend installing them in heavy-traffic flooring areas. 
  • Cleaning: Due to their uneven surface, zellige tiles cannot be simply wiped down with a cloth to clean. They need to be scrubbed with a sponge to be cleaned thoroughly. 

Where To Buy Zellige Tiles

As one of the country’s leading makers of handcrafted tile, Country Floors offers beautiful handmade zellige tiles nationwide. In the mid-twentieth century, the company reinvigorated the popularity of ceramic tile with its selection of highly unique and artistic hand-painted glazed craft tiles. Today, they offer some of the highest quality artisanal Zellige tiles on the market, handmade in Morocco. Browse their full Zellige Handmade Morrocan Tile Collection

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