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What is MVP, how to create it, and what must be taken into account? Check the guide!

Creating an MVP: essential points

Are you working on a software project and wondering how to bring it to the market? Your strategy may be MVP (Minimum Viable Product). MVP development requires lots of knowledge. Read how to use this technique to create a great product.

What is MVP

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a technique consisting in launching a new product with basic functionalities, collecting feedback from users, and on its basis, preparing the final version following the needs of customers. Ideal examples of implementing this method include Dropbox, Groupon, or Zappos.

For this mechanism to work, we should meet three basic conditions:

  • The base version of the product must be attractive enough for customers to want to buy it.
  • Users must be able to share their opinion about the product.

Since we have the theory behind us, let’s move on to practice.

MVP in practice

In theory, MVP should be created as soon as possible. At this stage, testing the product in action is much more important than its quality, which is why many people postulate that after releasing the first version, they better understand customers’ needs and write another version practically from scratch. However, in practice, this does not happen.

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Of course, it all depends on the project, its initial assumptions, and the practical solutions expected by the target customers. Usually, MVP becomes the core around which more functions are created. This is a time-consuming process, so you should plan your work well. Some pieces of code will be changed many times, so it is not worth pampering these pieces of code to be eye-friendly.

Speaking about the technology used, it depends on your goals and preferences. A website with Node.js is a great choice: after all, giants such as Netflix, eBay, and Uber use it!

How do we implement MVP products?

Below we have collected the essential areas from our point of view, on which we focus when creating projects based on MVP.


A monolith will be enough for most applications at the start because such architecture provides the fastest work to start with. However, it is essential to consider how to separate individual components of the application so that later it will be easier to create an independent service from them, if necessary.

Code quality

MVP can very quickly become the core of a later developed product; code quality is important to us. Using good practices will pay off, mainly since it facilitates the subsequent implementation of changes.


Automatic tests save a lot of time for programmers. Quick verification of whether the application works or not is beneficial during development. The trick here is to write appropriate tests. At the MVP stage, there is no point in striving for 100% coverage because many elements will change significantly. However, they must be robust enough to confirm that the application operates correctly.

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Process automation (CI/CD)

Automate activities that will save time if it is possible. Again, you have to approach the subject based on the team’s experience. Ultimately, avoid a situation where it will take longer to implement automation than to write code “handwritten.” Nevertheless, creating a pipeline that will run tests, build a project, and send it to a test server is very reasonable here.

Selection of tools/technologies for the project

Choose those solutions that are proven and work. Of course, this does not mean working on outdated versions but using those you are sure of. As in every aspect, the potential risk and legitimacy of using a given solution should be estimated.

Project layout

As we know very well, the plans may be brilliant, but they will only work out by accurately writing out the actions over time. It is no different in MVP projects, so we have to estimate our capacity and available resources, put it in a time frame, and leave a margin for unforeseen situations. From day one, we introduce tools to help us write backlogs, plan sprints, and control the time frame. In planning, you should be guided by team experience, common sense, and adaptation to both the project team and business.

Well-written documentation

Writing down processes will allow new team members to join the work regardless of the stage of project development. It is worth creating several diagrams describing architecture. Documentation in the form of code, excluding the human factor from communication, will work best for all the rest. Thanks to this, we can avoid minor misunderstandings in interpretation, and everyone can understand the project’s assumptions.

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Solidly done basic functions

Virtually every application has certain features that are the same as everywhere, and the user expects them to work flawlessly. An example is registration and login, which must both go smoothly. Another example is the process of buying and paying – here, everything has to be done well. Otherwise, we can very discourage the user from the application.

Team experience

This is the most important factor for both PMs and developers. The team must be able to communicate with each other, as well as jointly choose priorities for activities relevant to a given project. It is worth it for the PM to have technical facilities, to understand what solutions the team offers, etc.

Determination of important aspects from the customer’s point of view

In the MVP model, the product’s first version goes on sale, so the customer must be satisfied with it. We ensure that it has an intuitive and straightforward interface, nice functions, and an affordable price. In short – a client must receive a minimum of what he paid for. In fact, we want him to have a sense of investing in a future product, thanks to which he will be more willing to share his impressions.

Hopefully, now it is clearer for you what an MVP is. Indeed, it is an essential instrument for every business.

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