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When you think of kitchen decor, window treatments might not be the first thing that comes to your mind. You may think of open shelves with vintage crockery displays, metals, stones, brass knobs, glass pendant lights, and so many things, yet often miss out on the windows. And, that would be such a design faux pas!

Window treatments, though only one single ingredient, can be the one that changes the entire look of your space. So, in this blog, we bring you the best window treatment options for kitchens, helping you elevate the look and functionality of your kitchen windows.

Roman Shades

Roman shades top the list because they marry the softness of drapes with the functionality of blinds. When opened, they fold up into neat stacks creating an element of visual interest in the kitchen and when closed they cover the entire window while also staying out of the way of splashes from the sink. Custom roman shades also offer the possibility of bringing in patterns, colors, and embellishments like trims, of your choice. Do note that while stylists vouch against dangling tassel trims in the kitchen, ribbon trims are always welcomed.  

There are different styles of roman shades available too. While the flat slat styles win the trophy for functionality, if you do not plan to operate your roman shades regularly, the relaxed roman shades make an equally competent contender for their casual chic charm.

Custom Curtains

Kitchens are best draped in tailored-to-fit cafe curtains or short curtains that stop at the sill and provide privacy without detracting from the incoming natural light. Mass-produced curtains cannot serve such mandates and neither can they look as fabulous as handstitched bespoke curtains do. 

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Shop for made-to-measure curtains in lightweight fabrics like cottons or linens, or polycottons and polylinens that dry faster to prevent mould formation on fabrics. Furthermore, if you have small windows in kitchens you can leverage vertical patterns like ticking pinstripes or petite climbing vines to visually elongate your window height. 

Since the trims of curtains are attached to the sides, you can be a bit playful and add colourful pom-pom trims to add character to the space. 

Faux Roman Shades

If you like the look of roman shades but do not plan on operating them, faux roman shades are an excellent choice. Serving a purely decorative purpose, faux roman shades look like any other roman shade that has been rolled up.  

Since kitchens do not need much privacy and function best when bathed in air and natural light, faux roman shades, covering just the top portion of the windows, are quite high on the kitchen window treatments popularity list. Going neither over the top nor being underwhelming in their appeal, faux roman shades are the perfect garnishment for your kitchen windows. Plus, they are one of the options with high decor value without a hefty price tag.


Covering the top one-fourth portion of the window and offering you the same decor possibilities and more as any other fabric window treatment, valances have always been a popular option for kitchen window treatments, as standalone or as an added decorative layer with other window treatments like drapes or shades.

If you want to invite in a bold pattern or vibrant splash of colour without worrying about overwhelming your space, kitchen valances prove to be the perfect option for you! Since they take up low optical space, you can be adventurous with their customisations. Also, since kitchens are photophile spaces, valances work better as standalone treatments. Sync them with dining mats and table runners, and you’ll have a decor that makes a statement with its bespoke nature.

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Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a great option for traditional and rustic interiors. Made mostly out of wood or faux wood, they are a nod to the earthy feeling present at the heart of Scandi, farmhouse, or country decor. 

They are also a great addition that adds to the realty value of your home if you resell it since they are integrated into the architecture of the house. The flip side is, if you plan to move houses often, you’d have to bid adieu to them. And their most attractive USP is durability. While other treatments come with a shelf life of their own, these sturdy shutters commit for a lifetime to beautifying your space. 


We hope that by now you already know which window treatment your heart is leaning towards and you have already started envisioning them in your kitchen. So, without any further delay, hop on and shop on!

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