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George Bernard Shaw Quotes — 6 Comments

  1. You cannot be a hero without being a coward, said George Bernard.

    Well, you are a MORON or you were DRUNK when you said this and some other idiot documented it, because HEROES are NOT cowards. A coward, by definition is someone who lacks courage, someone who lies, someone who denies, someone who can’t handle the TRUTH and heroes are those who expose lies, deals truth and reality.

    • There is nothing wrong in the statement of Geroge Bernard. When we handle any situation, we have worries as to how are we going to handle. Once we organize ourselves and work out strategies, then we will proceed boldly to achieve result and emerge as hero. This is applicable in war as well as execution of any project. Hence underlying cowardice helps us to plan and emerge as a hero. Pl think about it deeply so that you will realize the power of his quote!!

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