How to Redesign Your Home With Custom Windows

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Creating a home that is both beautiful and comfortable is not always easy. Many houses are beautiful on the outside but don’t offer their occupants much space, light, or privacy. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of money to change this dynamic by investing in custom windows. Windows are an affordable way to add character to any home while simultaneously creating a more comfortable environment with better airflow and lighting. 


In addition to being cost-effective and non-invasive, windows are also an ideal place for designers to experiment with new ideas, textures, and colours without straying too far from the original blueprint of the home. When remodelling your home with custom windows, there are several things you should keep in mind. To help you get started on this exciting project, here are some ideas that will have you falling in love with your house all over again.


Install Dual Windows

If you have the space, consider installing dual windows. These two-panel windows are great for bringing in lots of light and can also be used as a design element to bring attention to a certain part of your home. 


Dual windows are perfect for kitchens and living rooms with high focal points, like an open fireplace or a large painting. For example, if your living room is long and narrow, consider installing two large windows along the length of the wall. This will instantly create a brighter and more spacious room while allowing natural light to flow in from both sides. 


Dual windows are also a great option if you want to keep away the noise from outside. For example, suppose you live near a busy street in San Francisco or other busy cities. In that case, you can call any good San Francisco window installation company to help you install two windows on the same wall that will help create a barrier that drowns out the sound.

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Go Big or Go Small

If you have a smaller room, consider installing a large single window that fills up an entire wall. Large windows are visually appealing and allow lots of natural light to flow in, making small spaces feel more open and spacious. Wood is a classic choice for large windows and is often paired with white-painted or neutral-coloured walls. 


For larger rooms, consider installing smaller windows or even a skylight to avoid making the space feel cramped and stuffy. Large windows are wonderful, but they can also make smaller rooms feel more exposed and less private. If you want to bring more privacy to your larger room, consider installing smaller windows with thick curtains. Alternatively, a skylight can bring in lots of light without making the room feel exposed.


Add Some Colour

Windows are one of the most impactful places to add colour to your home, but they don’t have to be a bold, single shade. You can go with a bolder colour, like red, or more neutral colour, like blue or grey. Instead of choosing between bold and neutral shades, consider adding a splash of colour with a window frame. This is an ideal way to add some colour to a room without clashing with the rest of the décor. 


If your home is on the smaller side, you can also consider painting the windows themselves. This bold move will visually expand the space while simultaneously bringing attention to a beautiful wall or architectural feature. When painting a window, it is important to take your time and ensure you are applying the paint correctly. For a high-quality finish, use a brush to apply the paint and a roller to avoid brush strokes.


Open the Roof

A great way to add to your room’s architectural features is with a skylight. Skylights are an architectural feature that has been around for decades, with the first skylights being installed in the mid-19th century. The best thing about skylights is that they are available in various styles. From the classic dome-shaped skylights to the contemporary square skylights, there is something for every taste. When installing skylights, be sure to take into account the direction of the sun in your area. If you install a south-facing skylight in a north-facing room, the room will be very bright during the day but will be very dark at night.

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Light it Up

Windows are a great way to bring light into any room, but that can be difficult when your windows are facing the wrong way. Fortunately, there are several ways to bring light into your home, even if you don’t have windows. If you want to bring natural light into your living room, consider installing a skylight. For rooms like the kitchen or dining room, you can install a sunroof to bring in natural light. You can also bring light into your home with the help of modern light fixtures. Whether you choose a large chandelier or a small pendant light, adding light fixtures to a room is a great way to draw attention to architectural features or highlight a beautiful piece of art.


Add Storage Space

Windows are a great place to add storage space, but it’s important to select the right windows for the job. For example, you can add custom storage to your windows by installing awning windows. Awning windows have a lower sill than other windows, making them ideal for adding storage space. You can also add custom windows with built-in storage. 


If you want to add light to an unused room in your house, consider installing custom windows with built-in lights. For example, if you have an extra room in your basement that isn’t being used, installing custom windows with built-in lights is a great way to bring light to the room while adding extra storage. If you are interested in adding storage to your windows, you should speak with a custom window designer. A good designer can help you select the right window for the job.


Choose Eco-Friendly Windows

If you want your windows to be environmentally friendly, consider investing in wooden-framed windows. This type of window is a great option for eco-conscious homeowners interested in reducing their carbon footprint. Wooden-framed windows are eco-friendly because they are made of sustainable wood, harvested in a way that supports the growth of new trees and minimizes the impact on the environment. If you want your windows to be as eco-friendly as possible, be sure that the wood you choose is FSC-certified. FSC stands for “Forest Stewardship Council,” and it is an independent organization that certifies wood as being ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable.

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Add a Bright Accent Wall

If you have large windows in your living room, consider adding an accent wall to create visual interest. This can be a great way to draw attention to architectural features or highlight a beautiful piece of art. No rule says your accent wall has to match your windows. You can use your windows as inspiration to create a completely different look. To add an accent wall, you can paint the wall or add wallpaper. When adding wallpaper, be sure to apply it to the wall above the windows. 


If you have windows in your kitchen, living room, or dining room, they are perfect places to add an accent wall. This is especially true if your windows are facing east or west. When the sun rises and sets, it will shine directly into your windows and make it difficult to work in these rooms. An accent wall will make these rooms feel more comfortable and avoid the need to install expensive curtains or shades.



Creating a beautiful home is an ongoing process. While you can update a room by installing new cabinets or replacing your floors, windows are often overlooked. Windows are an affordable way to improve any room in your house. Still, you need to remember that installing new custom windows is a major project, and you need a window installation company to help you with the installation. Before diving headfirst into this project, be sure to research and select the best windows for your home.

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