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“If I had no sense of humor,
I would long ago have committed suicide.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Times are hard there is no doubt. A local utility company found out recently how desperate folks are for work. It ran an ad in the local newspaper looking for a crew of six people to install power line poles. On Monday morning its office was flooded with applicants, among them were six construction workers, six school teachers, and six lawyers. The foreman decided the only fair way was to send the three groups out for the day and the ones who installed the most poles would get the job. All applicants agreed this was fair and reported back the next day.

The three groups set out to install their poles, the foreman had instructed them all to return a five o’clock in order to keep things fair. After they had all returned the foreman asked first the construction workers how many poles they installed, “ten” they exclaimed. “Ten, not bad” the foreman said. “How about the teachers, how many poles did you install?” “Seven”, replied the teachers. “Seven, thats not bad either” said the foreman.

Then he came to the lawyers, “how many poles did you install?” With a proud grin the lawyers said, “one!” “Say what”, exclaimed the foreman, “did you say, one?” “Thats right” the lawyers replied. Completely bewildered the foreman asked, “how come the construction workers installed ten, the teachers installed seven, and you lawyers only installed one.” Again with a proud grin the lawyers said, “simple, they cheated.” “They cheated” asked the foreman, “how did they cheat?” The lawyers answered, “They left their poles sticking twenty five feet out of the ground.”

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