How to know when you should replace your dresser


Although it is often taken for granted, the dresser is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your bedroom. After all, there are some things that you just can’t hang like underwear, bras or undershirts, lingerie, and accessories. 

The dresser is the ideal place to keep just such things. And, for many, the dresser holds the majority of their clothing, with the closet only big enough for those things that are too bulky to fold. If you are one of that crowd, you probably find yourself going through dressers more frequently than the rest of your bedroom furniture.

The more you use a dresser, the faster it is going to wear out. If the bulk of your clothes is in the dresser, you will be getting into those drawers daily. With cheaper dressers with flimsier hardware, this can be detrimental to the stability of the drawers. 

The other problem with most dressers used in this way is that the bottoms or sides of the drawers start to come apart. This usually happens when drawers are overfilled on a regular basis. While some adults may be practiced enough to keep such things in mind, the truth is that most people who rely only on a dresser don’t have anywhere else to put their clothing. Teens and children are almost guaranteed to stuff their drawers full as well. 

The average bed lasts at least 10 years, so if you bought a matched set of bedroom furniture you’re probably going to need to replace the dresser sooner. Since you probably won’t be able to find the new collection at that point, you have to do your best to search through a dressers catalog to figure out one that works best with your existing bedroom décor.

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Here are some clues that it is time to start thinking about replacing your dresser. Here is apartments for rent in Cincinnati.

Tongue in groove drawer assembly is weakening

If the drawer was constructed with tongue in groove joints, you will be able to see fairly early that they are coming loose or pulling apart. As soon as you notice the change, take action by unloading the drawer, putting wood glue on the exposed parts of the joints, then hammering them back in place with a small, lightweight hammer.

Once the glue dries, you should be able to resume use of the drawer. You will need to be very careful not to overload it. Designating it as the accessories or necessities drawer, which is usually comprised of lightweight items, is generally the best use for it. This isn’t a permanent solution – start shopping for a dresser right away.

Flimsier drawers cannot be repaired

If the drawer construction of your dresser is made up of very thin boards in a very shallow grove on sides that are barely thicker than the bottom, you’re not going to be able to repair the drawers. Do not even try to repair them. These drawers are not designed for long-term or frequent use. 

Replace the dresser as soon as you can, because the drawer breaking down is just the first sign of deterioration. The last thing you want is a hazard. However, you should choose a sturdier dresser model for its replacement. 

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