Best Alternative To Hotels For Extended Stay In New York


When it comes to organizing a trip, every experienced traveler knows that hotel booking is generally the most expensive price after the flight. The good news is that there are many wonderful alternatives to renting a hotel especially if you have to stay for a longer time. Many times, your long stay might require an already furnished apartment.

The different places you may get furnished apartments include hostels, academic and religious housing, etc. You need to think outside the box regarding where you’ll stay and how much it will cost. This can help you to keep your budget under control so you can focus on what matters most. Continue reading to discover the possible alternatives to extended-stay hotels for when next you have to spend some time in New York.

The Best Alternatives To Hotels In New York


If the phrase “hostel” conjures up images of filthy, overcrowded lodgings, kindly have a rethink. That’s because hostels now cater to a wider range of people than just undergraduates and the under-26 set around the world. Hostels can range in size from the 12-bed dorm you’re probably thinking of to a private bedroom with an en suite bathroom. Because they often offer lesser amenities and are less sophisticated, hostels are far less expensive than standard hotels. If saving money is more essential to you than having a large lobby or extra facilities, a hostel stay could be ideal.

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Do your homework and study reviews, paying special attention to issues like the hostel’s ambiance, noise levels, and hygiene. Finally, be sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into and whether the compromise is worthwhile. There are some fantastic hostels out there, but there are also others that aren’t so wonderful, so make sure you understand the choice you’re making before picking a hostel over a hotel.

Religious Housing

Religious housing is a cost-effective choice for tourists on a tight budget and those who are out for a unique location to stay with some history and heritage than a typical hotel. While these lodgings aren’t always luxurious – after all, many religious people take a vow of destitution – they are usually clean, peaceful, and less pricey than other options.

According to the order or the restrictions, certain monasteries allow only male or female guests, so read the terms and conditions before making a reservation. If you stay with them, they may have established quiet hours or demand that you attend their religious service.

Home Swaps

Home swaps became more popular with the 2006 film “The Holiday,” and the idea has gained traction since then. Staying in someone’s residence, and perhaps having them stay in yours simultaneously, is a decade-old practice that has expanded in popularity and practicality.

The idea is simple: you get to stay in my house, possibly watering my plants and caring for my pets, in exchange for me doing the same for you. It can be cheap or even free, and you’ll often have full access to the house and get to live like a local.

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There are various kinds of house swaps, so choose the one that best suits your needs. A classic swap is one in which someone or a family stays in your house with you in theirs. You can also stay at someone’s holiday home or non-primary dwellings, like a beach house or cabin, or you just stay in their house as a guest while they’re there.

If you’re doing a traditional swap, you should consider how you feel about having complete strangers in your home. It’s one thing to stay for free at someone else’s apartment, but bringing others into yours at the same time isn’t something everyone is pleased with. It’s also worth noting that a home swap isn’t completely free. The majority of home-swapping companies charge a monthly or annual fee for screening residences and hosts. But whatever the case is, it’s going to be cheaper than getting a hotel room.

Finally, if your personal safety or the protection of your property is a huge concern, then you should find a reputable service or website. Make sure the person or family you’re swapping with has been verified, ask questions, and layout any guiding principles ahead of time, and make sure you’re aware of your insurance and protection options in case something unexpected happens.

Academic Housing And Dorm Rooms

Staying in a university’s dorm room is another cost-effective alternative if you’re traveling during the summer or holidays. Rather than keeping rooms unoccupied when students are abroad, several colleges and institutions rent rooms in some of their dormitories to travelers.

When the students aren’t on campus, academic housing and dorm room alternatives become accessible, so if you’re traveling in the midst of the semester, you may not be able to get a spot. Particularly in a high-demand city like New York, dorms become accessible to book some months in advance.


Also, because these are dorm rooms, they might be extremely basic; this is why they’re so cheap. You might have an en suite bathroom, or you might have to walk down the hall in your shower clothes to use the bathrooms. So, prepare ahead of time.


Scouts aren’t the only ones who should enjoy camping. Camping can be a terrific option to save cash on where you sleep if you’re coming to New York where pricey hotels are commonplace. Generally, in the United States, state and national parks most times charge less than $20 a night for a tent camping spot without electricity.

Staying at a campground can be far less expensive per night than staying in a hotel room, and you get the unique experience of sleeping and waking up in the great outdoors.


If you think outside the box while planning out your next long-stay trip to NY, there are a plethora of options for where you can spend your nights and how little it will cost you as compared to a hotel. By following these suggestions, you can avoid another boring, costly hotel room.

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