What is Your Ambition

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Quote of the Day
“When ambition ends, happiness begins.”
~Thomas Merton~

Thought of the Day
For some time I have wondered, should ambition be labeled a bad word? It is my belief that ambition teaches and encourages greed. I suppose it might depend on how you define ambition, for example; it has been my ambition to live a simple self-sustaining life, to live with less instead of more.

When I decided to give up on my pursuit of money, of chasing a dollar just for the sake of chasing a dollar, it was then I truly found happiness, that I found my calling. Now instead of chasing a dollar, I chase chickens, or the Japanese beetles that love my green beans as much as I do.

Now instead of boardroom meetings filled with ambitious schemes of who to profit from next, we converse on the front porch overlooking the creek and garden, where we discuss what plants to grow in the garden. Or perhaps we discuss our next, or our previous journey into the wilderness.

I think ambition should be judged by the individual who is pursuing his or her ambition. But I also believe that too often we choose our ambition based on others opinions rather than our own. Whatever your ambition, make sure it truly is what you want, and not what someone else wants. Only you hold the key to your happiness.

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