Monday May 14th 2012

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“The human mind is constructed to always move forward
Hanging on to the philosophy of ancient people
is a great stumbling block to the modern world.
One leg in the past, one leg in the future,
always pissing on TODAY.”

~ Author Unknown

Author Unknown… We strive to give proper attribution for the daily thoughts. We do sometimes come across a Quote that we cannot find who the original author is/was. Sometimes we find a quote that is attributed to multiple authors. To these quotes and thoughts we show attribution as Author Unknown. If you know who the author is and can provide a source link please Contact Us.


Monday May 14th 2012 — 3 Comments

  1. Thought is momentary perception,Though we use the word thought in different reference.
    It is passage of time that creates thoughts.Thought less existent breaks links with time.

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