Moving to Sunbelt States: What You Need to Know


There has been a major migration in the past few years to the Sunbelt States, including Texas and Florida, as well as a long-standing appeal of California. As many industries seek out the warmer climates and varied amenities of cities in the Sunbelt region, you may also have had the itch. If a job offer finally came through or you were in the process of making an offer on the house, you may now be faced with the task of getting everything in order to head for your new sunshine-filled state. What’s good to know in these moves? Here are our tips.

Understand the AC Situation in Advance

Homes in the Sunbelt states will typically have central AC, but if you’re moving in the summer to a Sunbelt State, you want to be absolutely sure. The weather is likely to be very hot when you first arrive, and while that sunny weather is going to be a great feature year round, you want to know what you are walking into. If you’ve got not quite enough window units, consider a portable air conditioner or install a mini split to get through the early seasons in your new Sunbelt home. 

Prepare for Some Sweaty Moving and Unpacking Days

The moving and unpacking journeys aren’t easy in any place’s summer weather, but in a Sunbelt state, moving is going to be something you want to optimize! The less time you spend hauling in the hot sun, the better. Whether you opt to do some of your loading and unloading in the early morning or evening, or you hire movers to handle a lot of the big stuff so you can save your own back and knees, make an effort to protect yourself from hot moving days. Unpacking often needs to happen promptly, but consider handling it in manageable chunks if at all possible, especially if the A/C isn’t keeping up and your home is warmer than you’re used to. You can still move in a hurry without injuring yourself.

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Know You Aren’t the Only One Moving!

As you find your place in your new home, you’re likely to see a trend that is reflected in census data: Sunbelt states, and the suburbs in particular, are drawing a ton of people. Good weather, lots of economic opportunity, and plentiful housing is becoming a much stronger draw than urban centers and parts of the country with colder or greyer weather. This is particularly true for remote workers, but many cities in the Sunbelt have found ways to make the corridors to urban jobs easy to access for commuting from a wide variety of suburbs, allowing cities to grow in size. If it feels like everyone in your new neighborhood is a transplant, embrace it! Form organizations and play groups for your family, connect with neighbors over what you most want from your area of the city, and speak out as new residents in local politics. As part of a wave of people moving in, now is the time to be a part of your new community and set the tone.   

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