Monday March 30th 2020

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“Bewildered and discombobulated.
But hopeful too.
Of new possibilities, of change.
Nature is being given space to breathe,
and heal a little.
Birds can respond to each other
without the befuddlement of noise,
the seas and rivers are becoming clearer,
humans are resting and hearts have a chance
to be heard by their own bodies.

Everyday I hear
something beautiful about nature thriving,
and about people growing, baking,
reading and exploring new things.

There is a light of hope I hold.
That we, as human animals,
may wake up to the disastrous way of living
that has formed in our day to day life.

A busyness, a taking,
a greed that leaves a shambles in our wake,
not just for the land around us,
but for us too.

I hope that through the strange,
edgy and difficult times.

Something beautiful is birthed in the heart of me,
in the hearts of all,
that changes something for the better.”

~ Brigit Anna McNeill 

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