How To Ease Menopause Symptoms During Family Time

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Planning on family time during the holidays? You’re gonna need a bit of help. The hustle and bustle of the season needn’t take away from making cherished moments with friends and loved ones. Menopause symptoms can make this a little more challenging, but you can take steps to help yourself. Keep reading for smart tips on enjoying the season plus some options for natural estrogen supplements over the counter.

Make a List and Check It Twice

Before you can start planning seasonal family gatherings, you must know exactly what you’re planning. Sure, this probably isn’t your first rodeo. But breaking everything down into a list makes the whole affair easier to handle. If needed, detail each major task into smaller steps. Under gifts, for instance, you can split up this job into two parts: shopping and wrapping. Shopping might include making a list of gift ideas for each person. Wrapping may include purchasing the supplies, wrapping the gifts and storing them until the big day.

Don’t Try To Do Everything Yourself

It’s no secret that the holidays can be more hectic. There are meals to prepare, decorations to hang, greeting cards to send, and presents to buy and wrap. Doing it all yourself is already not a wise idea, but menopause symptoms can you feel worse. This season, don’t be afraid to lighten your load. It’s time to get the whole family involved with logistics, planning and gruntwork. Delegate tasks to the capable ones in your circle to ease your stress.

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Eat Healthy Comfort Food

The holidays can also be challenging if you’re trying to eat healthily, but achieving this goal isn’t impossible. The key is working delicious nutrient-packed foods into your seasonal menu. During menopause, focus on dishes rich in iron, fiber and calcium. Many foods offer two if not all three of these essentials: leafy greens, legumes and whole grains are your best sources.

Even better, you can make healthier versions of holiday classics. For instance, Greek yogurt is an excellent substitute for milk, heavy cream or sour cream in mashed potatoes. Speaking of mashed potatoes, try swapping them for more nutrient-dense alternatives like mashed winter squash or parsnips. Try wild rice or quinoa in your stuffing instead of bread cubes.

Choose S-Equol Menopause Relief

Menopause symptoms such as irregular sleep, mood shifts and hot flashes can be treated with an OTC supplement with S-equol. Unlike traditional hormone therapy, it doesn’t change your hormone levels. How is this possible? To answer that question, let’s explore how s-equol works. It’s a molecule that shares a similar structure with estrogen without actually being estrogen. It binds to estrogen receptors, counteracting the unpleasant effects of lower hormone levels. Besides being available without a prescription, S-equol also doesn’t increase your risk for conditions like breast cancer.

Wellness comprises many components: nutrition, sleep, stress management and mental health, to name a few. They’re more critical during the busy holiday season, especially if you cherish time spent with family and friends. A balanced approach and self-care are both important. Menopausal relief through over-the-counter hormone pills can address unpleasant symptoms, making your season more enjoyable overall.

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