Saturday January 5th 2008

saturday-january-5th-2008 Kindness

Thought for Today

“Be kind. Every person you meet
is fighting a difficult battle.”

~ Plato

Recently while waiting for the traffic light to change I noticed someone who was trying to enter traffic from an adjacent parking lot. Driver after driver ignored her feeble attempts. She became frustrated. She was looking to make an attempt from a different approach. At this point, I was near the entryway so I honked my horn and motioned her to enter in front of me. By this time, two more cars also were looking to enter traffic here so I motioned for them to enter in front of me as well.

Now this so infuriated the driver behind me that he proceeded to give me the one finger wave. Now I really felt kinda bad for this fellow as I could plainly see the cherry red color in his face. I wondered if the next good deed I would perform was going to be CPR.

It was sad really, as I drove the rest of the way home I thought about what had just happened. I calculated that it took twenty, maybe thirty seconds to let these three drivers in front of me. Therefore, the worst-case scenario is that if I let 30 cars per week enter in front of me then the most I stand to lose is about one hour per week.

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