Sunday October 10th 2010

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Thought for the Day

“Religious controversies are always productive
of more acrimony and irreconcilable hatreds
than those which spring from any other cause.”

~ George Washington

File:Gilbert Stuart Williamstown Portrait of George Washington.jpg From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaGeorge Washington (February 22, 1732 – December 14, 1799) (aged 67) The dominant military and political leader of the new United States of America from 1775–1797, leading the American victory over Britain in the American Revolutionary War as commander in chief of the Continental Army, 1775–1783, and presiding over the writing of the Constitution in 1787. As the unanimous choice to serve as the first President of the United States (1789–1797), he developed the forms and rituals of government that have been used ever since, and built a strong, well-financed national government that avoided war, suppressed rebellion and won acceptance among Americans of all types. Acclaimed ever since as the “Father of his country” Source | More

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