Saturday July 1st 2017

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“We must always remember
that it is the things of the spirit
that in the end prevail.
That caring counts.
That where there is no vision,
people perish.
That hope and faith count,
and that without charity
there can be nothing good.
That by daring to live dangerously,
we are learning to live generously.
And that by believing
in the inherent goodness of man,

we may stride forward
into the unknown
with growing confidence.”
~ John Gilbert Winant

John WinantJohn Gilbert Winant OM (February 23, 1889 – November 3, 1947) was an American politician with the Republican party after a brief career as a teacher in Concord, New Hampshire. John Winant held positions in New Hampshire, national, and international politics. He was the first man to serve more than a single two-year term as Governor of New Hampshire, winning election three times. Winant also served as US Ambassador to the United Kingdom during most of World War II.

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