Monday October 8th 2018

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“Don’t take anything personally.
Even when a situation seems so personal,
even if others insult you directly,
it has nothing to do with you.
Their point of view and opinion
come from all the programming
they received growing up.
When you take things personally,
you feel offended and your reaction
is to defend your beliefs and create conflict.
You make something big out of something so little
because you have the need to be right
and make everybody else wrong.”
~ Don Miguel Ruiz

Miguel Ángel RuizDon Miguel Ángel Ruiz (born 1952), better known as Don Miguel Ruiz, is a Mexican author of Toltec spiritualist and neoshamanistic texts.His work is part of the New Age movement that focuses on ancient teachings as a means to achieve spiritual enlightenment…Source 

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