Friday November 2nd 2012

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Thought for the day

A Recipe For Sanity

Are you worsted in a fight?
Laugh it off.
Are you cheated of your right?
laugh it off.
Don’t make tragedy of trifles,
Don’t shoot butterflies with rifles.
Laugh it off.

Does your work get into kinks?
Laugh it off.
Are you near all sorts of brinks?
Laugh it off.
If it’s sanity you’re after,
There’s no recipe like laughter,
Laugh it off.

~ Henry Rutherford Elliot

Henry Rutherford Elliot was born 21 April 1849 in Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT. died 18 April 1906 in New York, NY. He was a journalist, author, editor and founder of the Church Economist magazine. source

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