Do You Need A Worry Rock?

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”Hard work does not kill, Worry does.”

~ African Proverb

I have a small rock I carry in my pocket, I call it a pocket rock. It is a round, flat rock about the size of a quarter, and about one quarter of an inch thick. The surface is very smooth and black in color with a small streak of white quartz running through the middle. It is a pleasing rock to look at and to hold. I have had this particular rock for about ten years.

I met an old man many years ago who gave me my first rock. He called it a worry rock, but it goes by many names. There are many legends that date back thousands of years, but the exact origin is debatable.

The purpose of a worry rock is to soothe you in times of stress, agitation, worry, etc… It should be a small rock to fit comfortably in your hand. By Rubbing the rock between your index finger and thumb, it will relieve your stresses and tensions. The shape and texture are not as important as how the rock makes you feel. When you rub, hold or look at it, it should be soothing. Try closing you eyes as you rub it, and think of something pleasant.

For over twenty years, I have always had a rock in my pocket. In fact, I have several. Whenever I see some one who is having a bad day, I offer them a rock, just as the old man did for me.

I read a story recently where someone called it a gratitude rock. He said every time he reached into his pocket and felt his rock, he thought of something for which he was grateful.

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No matter what you call it, once you realize the power in a pocket rock you will always have one. Carry several; you never know when you will see someone in need.

Do You Need A Pocket Rock?
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