Contentment and Happiness

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Quote of the Day
“There is enough in the world for everyone’s need,
but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

~Frank Buchman~

Thought of the Day
Corporations become filthy rich because as a greedy society we support their lust for money. We have become a want it now, want it all society. We allow ourselves to be mislead by flashy advertisements that promise to rid our lives of misery, and fill our lives with happiness. Only you can create happiness in your life, and it does not come from money. Sure as a modern society we all need a certain amount of money to survive, but do we really need any more than that?

As a former business person I completely understand the concept of “profitability” but at what expense do we allow profitability to control our lives. How much of our hard earned money must we spend so corporations can be profitable.

Someone once asked me, “What two words did shampoo makers put on their bottles that doubled their sales?” Answer: “Rinse & Repeat.” Think about this too, there used to be a concept for starting a business, “Find a need and fill it.” That same concept has evolved into, “Create” a need and fill it.”

The bottom line is we all must identify our own needs and strive to find our own happiness. It is my opinion that as long as greed or lustful desires are what controls our lives we will never find true happiness. I have lived on both sides of the coin, I have had money in the bank, I have driven nice new automobiles, I have had my shelves adorned with “nice stuff”, and I have eaten in fancy expensive restaurants. I can truly say that I only found happiness and contentment on the simpler side of the coin.

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We earn a meager living, (we get by) we grow a garden and raise chickens to sustain most of our food needs. We enjoy peaceful evenings on the front porch watching the sun go down and listening to the crickets chirp. We have found contentment in our lives and happiness in the company of each other, we have found freedom!


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