Albert Einstein Quotes

“A hundred times a day, I remind myself
that my inner and outer 
are based on the labors of others,
living and dead,
and that 
I must exert myself
in order to give in the same measure
as I have 
received and am still receiving.”
Albert Einstein


“Laws alone
cannot secure freedom of expression;
in order that every man
present his views without penalty
there must be spirit of tolerance
in the entire population.”

Albert Einstein


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Albert Einstein Quotes — 42 Comments

  1. i believe words are powerful than anything in this universe.
    from where u get such types of thoughts
    very good

  2. Such insight makes me envious, but also inquisitive. How come such a mind cannot propel the body to find a barbers shop?

  3. like you Albert Einstein and your thoughts as well ………
    very motivational and positive thoughts loved it…………

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