Work With Nature

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Quote of the Day

“Man has been endowed with reason,
with the power to create,
so that he can add to what he’s been given.
But up to now he hasn’t been a creator,
only a destroyer.
Forests keep disappearing, rivers dry up,
wild life’s become extinct, the climate’s ruined
and the land grows poorer and uglier every day.”

~ Anton Chekhov

Thought of the Day
As I continue my journey it continues to amaze me at the amounts of writings from many years ago that told of the impending doom. That man is creating the problems we are all suffering from today. Yet we continue to destroy, to try to control nature, instead of working with nature.

So what can we do to correct the errors of our grandfathers and our fathers? First we must gain a respect for nature and for mother earth. We must care for her just as she cares for us. We must learn that greed is not a natural desire, but a man made desire, created and exploited by the corporations. We must learn to share with nature and not just take what we want without ever putting back.

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