Tuesday May 13th 2008

tuesday-may-13th-2008 Perspective

My Two Rules In Life:
Any thing is possible,
There is always an option.

It has been nearly two months since my last post and I am feeling a bit ashamed. I have had good intentions and could make many excuses as to why. Having too many projects and of course spring time is always my busiest time of the year. We never did get our greenhouse completed but much of the garden is planted and will be much larger that last years.

Life’s challenges always presents us with choices and decisions. It is how we react that really matters. Tony prefers to live by the what ever happens way of life, and at 17 why not. If not for a mortgage, taxes, and all the other nuances we consider necessary to survival I suppose I would feel that way too.

Although I haven’t posted in a while I have thought about it and as the saying goes it’s the thought that counts. Now that the spring rush is nearly over I plan to do better. Today’s thought actually comes from a set of rules that I adopted many years ago. They have become my rules to life and living.

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