Tuesday December 5th 2017

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“Maybe the drug companies can come up with a pill
that would cure us of the evil in our nature.
Things like hate, jealousy, dishonesty, selfishness.
And one more thing,
but this may be asking too much,
I wish there was something we could all take
to cure us of stupidity.”
~ Andy Rooney

Andrew Aitken “Andy” Rooney (January 14, 1919 – November 4, 2011) An American radio and television writer. He was most notable for his weekly broadcast “A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney”, a part of the CBS News program 60 Minutes from 1978 to 2011. His final regular appearance on 60 Minutes aired October 2, 2011. He died a month later, on November 4, at age 92.

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