Top Reasons to Quit Smoking


While many smokers understand that they should quit smoking, they often require a set of reasons that drive them to do so. At the end of the day, smoking is an addiction, and kicking a smoking habit is by no means an easy feat. Despite this, as our understanding of the effects of smoking expands, we find more and more reasons why we should eliminate smoking from our lives. If it wasn’t enough that smoking is a financial drain and it visibly impacts one’s appearance, detailed below are some of the top reasons for quitting smoking. 

Winter Means Cold Weather 

Firstly, we’re well into winter, and this means that the weather is far from forgiving in a lot of places in the world. Despite this, it’s prohibited to smoke in public buildings in most areas, meaning you’re sent to outdoor shelters whenever you want to light up. While this isn’t much of a problem during the summer, in the winter months, it’s far from an enjoyable experience. Just think about how warm and toasty you’d be if you weren’t heading out for a cigarette every few minutes. Ultimately, eliminating cigarettes from your life makes for a much more comfortable living experience. 

Children Pick Up Illnesses from Second-Hand Smoke 

If you’re a parent, one thing that might steer you away from smoking is how second-hand smoke affects children. While we’re all aware that second-hand smoke exists, we’re not often made aware of just how detrimental it can be. In fact, ear and respiratory infections are much more common in children that are exposed to second-hand smoke. No matter how much you try and keep your child away from lit cigarettes, some of the smoke will make its way to them. If your health isn’t enough of a driving force to make you quit smoking, your child’s might be. 

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Smoking Leads to Infections and Anesthesia and Respiratory Complications

If you quit smoking, your immune system will thank you for it. When you smoke, you’re more susceptible to infections and anesthesia and respiratory complications during surgery. As a result, you’re more likely to be re-admitted into hospital after an operation. Ultimately, smoking damages your body’s ability to fight off illnesses, lengthening your recovery time for any type of illness. This isn’t just for big surgeries, but it’s also for trivial colds that can easily turn into chest infections. 

Smoking Increases Your Risk of Disease

Not only does smoking hinder your body’s ability to fight off illnesses, but it also makes you more prone to getting them. This also applies to serious diseases, such as kidney disease, reflux and ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease, emphysema, throat cancer, and lung cancer. Each of these diseases severely alters your life and, in extreme cases, can lead to death. Therefore, it’s not an exaggeration to say that quitting smoking could be the ticket to saving your life. After all, who doesn’t want to live a long and fulfilled life?

Smoking Shortens Your Life Significantly

As previously mentioned, quitting smoking could be just what you need to lead a long and healthy life. Every cigarette smoked shortens your life by as much as 11 minutes. Therefore, after 30 years of smoking 20 cigarettes a day, you’ll find that your life is being significantly shortened. The key to a long and fulfilled life is an absence of cigarettes, which is arguably the most important reason behind quitting smoking. While a cigarette-free life can feel like a million miles away, it’s well within reach and the journey is certainly worth it. 

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What’s your number one reason for quitting smoking?

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