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“Where does stuff go when it dies,
does it go to stuff heaven?”

~George Carlin~

Too much stuff, we all have it. It is in our daily lives and we are never satisfied, we always want more stuff. Have you ever considered how much the stuff we have contributes not only to the stress in our lives, but the stress it causes for our planet.

How much stuff do we really need to make us happy? Those that benefit the most from the stuff we accumulate are the manufacturers and retailers of stuff. They constantly bombard us with ads promoting more useless stuff. We allow these ads to influence us to the point that we have shelves overflowing with stuff. We end up renting storage space to store our excess stuff so that we can make more room display more stuff. The clutter becomes unbearable so we box it up, store it, and after seeing the nice clean uncluttered shelves, we are compelled by the next ads we see to go buy more stuff.

There is a very useful website that I found that not only tells the Story of Stuff, how it takes over our lives and where it eventually ends up. It helps us to deal with this problem and the affliction it causes. If you are like most of us and have way to much stuff I encourage you to pay this site a visit. It is an eye opener and will help you deal with you stuff addiction. Annie Leonard is the person behind the site Story of Stuff, pay her a visit today.

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