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“Local TV news across the country [is] saturated with mayhem and fluff at the expense of the broader range of issues important to our communities. TV news has become an emotional collection of the terrifying and the titillating, chosen to generate what marketing experts call ‘arousal.’ Arousal prepares viewers for TV news’ abundant advertising but it does not inform citizens. Rather, it breeds cynicism, discourages civic participation, and promotes fearful withdrawal and passivity.”
~Rocky Mountain Media Watch~

As I was searching for today’s thought I stumbled across it at Grinning Planet. This is a nice site I think you will enjoy.

Todays thought reminded me of something I have believed for many years, television is the worst invention ever made. It is full of in your face advertisements, constantly telling us what we have is not good enough, that we are not good enough. Now it seems that the drug companies have taken control of our TV sets. It’s little wonder that we are a nation of sick people.

Television is ruining lives, local news in particular has become little more than an advertising medium using fear and sensationalism.

Turn off your TV, spend time with your family, read a book, or venture outdoors and marvel at the wonders of nature. You will feel better, and have a better outlook on life.


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