Monday July 14th 2008

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Thought for Today

“As you simplify your life,
the laws of the universe will be simpler;
solitude will not be solitude,
poverty will not be poverty,
nor weakness weakness.”

~ Henry David Thoreau


As we begin a new week I wonder how many are about to set out for jobs they loathe, destinations they truly despise. For many years I followed a similar journey, caught up in the group of gotta haves, I lived a miserable existence. It seemed I no longer worked to exist or to simply survive, it seemed I worked to impress my friends.

I began to take inventory of my life and came to realize that although I had many things and I had money, what I lacked was happiness and contentment. My life was complicated and filled with stress. I woke most days feeling sick with despair, none of these “things” really mattered.

Simplicity in all things is a truly rewarding way to live. Yesterday after I rose from a peaceful dream filled sleep I strolled to the garden and filled my baskets with fruits and vegetables. In an early afternoon rain I sat under a plum tree and sipped water as I watched the plants drink their fill.

I no longer care for money and I no longer care for things. I live each day as it comes and prepare only for the moment. The moment is really what is most important, everything else is either history, or the future. Neither of which we have any control.



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