Wednesday July 9th 2008

wednesday-july-9th-2008 Perspective

Thought for Today

“If a man walks in the woods
for love of them half of each day,
he is in danger of being regarded as a loafer.
But if he spends his days as a speculator,
shearing off those woods
and making the earth bald before her time,
he is deemed an industrious
and enterprising citizen.”

~ Henry David Thoreau

For the last several days I have been stuck in front of this horrible machine. It makes me ill sometimes, sometimes it makes me sad, and sometimes it truly brings me joy. However, yesterday I was not having a very good day, filled with self pity I was looking for someone to blame for my woes. After reading the above quote I began to reflect and realized that it was my own negative thoughts that were causing my distress.

I think that this afternoon I will take my dogs and stroll into the wilderness. It’s not far, right out my back door. I think this will be just the medication that I need. Then tomorrow I will return, renewed, and again find joy in the work that is necessary to co-exist in this modern day society.


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