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Thought for Today
“Contentment is a pearl of great price,
and whoever procures it
at the expense of ten thousand desires
makes a wise and a happy purchase.”

~John Balguy~

Today as I moved about the yard completing chores I spotted a frog sitting on a rock. A couple of hours later I strolled once again down by the creek, and there on the rock sat the same frog.

I stopped, sat down on the ground and began talking to the frog, not in literal words, but in contented thoughts. What could be a simpler life than that of a frog, to swim and catch bugs all day, lie on a rock in the sun, and come winter bury yourself in the mud, sleeping till next springs thaw and begin again.

I am reminded of our decision five and a half years ago to move to the country, in search of a simpler life. We sold our business and turned our backs on the rat race. When we found our dream place we like to call, “Twenty miles from the nearest nothing” we also found contentment.

We raise a large garden every year, raise chickens for eggs and meat, fish when I can, and work when we have to. We no longer desire things or stuff and get more joy and satisfaction sitting on the front porch listening to the birds, and watching the water in the creek go by.

Be content with what you have, it is probably more than what you need.


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