Saturday December 11th 2010

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“Forty is the old age of youth,
fifty is the youth of old age.”

~ Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo*Victor Hugo

Born: 26 February 1802 Besançon, France
Died: 22 May 1885 (aged 83) Paris, France

A French poet, playwright, novelist, essayist, visual artist, statesman, human rights activist and exponent of the Romantic movement in France.

In France, Hugo’s literary fame comes first from his poetry but also rests upon his novels and his dramatic achievements. Among many volumes of poetry, Les Contemplations and La Légende des siècles stand particularly high in critical esteem, and Hugo is sometimes identified as the greatest French poet. Outside France, his best-known works are the novels Les Misérables and Notre-Dame de Paris (known in English also as The Hunchback of Notre-Dame).

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