Friday September 28th 2012

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Thought for the Day

“Lust is easy.
Love is hard.
Like is most important.”

~ Carl Reiner
(March 20, 1922-)

Carl Reiner-1976Carl Reiner is a legend of American comedy, having achieved great success as a comic actor, a director, producer and recording artist. He has won nine Emmy Awards, three as an actor, three as a writer and two as a producer. He also won a Grammy Award for his “10,000 Year Old Man” album based on his comedy routine with Mel Brooks.



Word of the Day: pine

intransitive verb, \?p?n\ pining or pined

  1. to lose vigor, health, or flesh
  2. to yearn intensely and persistently especially for something unattainable


Middle English, from Old English p?nian to suffer, from *p?n punishment, from Latin poena. First used in the middle 14th century.


Example Sentences:

  1. The wife of a man deployed at war found herself pining for him each and every day.
  2. After their break up, Tabitha pined for her ex for months until a new man came along.

Birthdays Today:

  • 551 BC – Confucius, Chinese philosopher (d. 479)
  • 1725 – Arthur Guinness, Irish brewer, founded Guinness (d. 1803)
  • 1835 – Sai Baba of Shirdi (d. 1918)
  • 1901 – Ed Sullivan, American television show host (d. 1974)
  • 1928 – Koko Taylor, American blues singer (d. 2009)
  • 1946 – Helen Shapiro, English singer
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Birthday Spotlight: Norton Buffalo

Norton Buffalo, (September 28, 1951 – October 30, 2009) A singer songwriter, country and blues harmonica player. He was also a record producer, bandleader and recording artist. But he was probably best known for his versatility on the harmonica. Home

History Today

  • 1867 – Toronto becomes the capital of Ontario
  • 1924 – 2 planes completed 1st “round-the-world flight” in 175 days.
  • 1928 – The U.K. Parliament outlaws a plant, “cannabis.”
  • 1961 – “Hazel” premiered on NBC-TV
  • 1968 – Beatles – Hey Jude, goes #1 & stays #1 for 9 weeks
  • 1971 – The UK Parliament bans medicinal use of cannabis


  • Teachers’ Day (Republic of China and Chinese-Filipino schools in The Philippines), ceremonies dedicated to Confucius are also observed.
  • World Rabies Day (International)
  • Ask a Stupid Question Day (United States)

Did you know?

The saying “Can’t cut the mustard,” means that one can’t live up to a challenge.

Bonus Fact, Americans use more mustard than any other country in the world!

Today is the 271st day of the year, 94 days remain

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