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Have you been hearing about epoxy resin art lately? Well, you are not the only one! Bespoke wooden furniture has a new medium – epoxy resin that has been gaining supreme popularity. Talking of its aesthetic appeal and durability features, this medium offers – bespoke furniture designs to intricate wooden artifacts. 

Assuming you are newly introduced to this feature and wish to know more about it – your search ends here! As you scroll down this post, we will update you on the features of resin art, the variety of wooden resins to choose from, the right way to understand the components of resin wood, and some quick tips to maintain this wood for a longer period. 

Why Epoxy resin art is becoming popular?

The primary reason why resin art has been gaining supreme popularity is its premium durability, versatility (it is considerably ductile), fantastic glossy shine, and the perfect adhesiveness that it provides. Unlike any of the previous synthetic materials used in woodworking, this form of epoxy resin medium offers that ideal embellishment that brings the ‘premium quality’ factor to bespoke wooden furniture. 

Added to these features comes the – supreme finish (especially backed by an auto bubble release mechanism), which gives it that minimalistic touch that has been making everyone rave about this product. 

Here’s more to it – 

  • Once the product is completely cured, it becomes functional and can hold up to the test of time (irrespective of its usage). 
  • The biggest achievement of using this medium for woodwork is – its capacity to preserve memories for a long time. When this product is used as a medium, it creates a glossy layer that stands as a strong binding. 
  • This binding medium is food-safe. Hence, not just in wooden artifacts, you can also use it for cookware, and that too when engraved with a variety of shades and designs. 
  • Lastly, with this product, you can coat your existing products and cast multiple items – jewelry, flowers, and more! 
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With so many positives in tow, rest assured, you would want to know more about it!

What are the different types of wooden resins? 

Before you decide on the item you wish to curate, how about we give you an idea about the different times of wooden resins – 

  • General epoxy resin 

Perfect for beginners, this medium offers the perfect patch between ease of usage and inherent strength. So, if you are looking to add a touch of ‘finesse’ to general products, you can surely opt for this one for that ideally bespoken piece! 

  • High gloss epoxy resin 

In the case of decorative tabletops/ bartops – you must choose the high gloss epoxy resin medium. This enables the wood to get that ‘added’ gloss you’ve always wanted! 

  • Heat-resistant epoxy resin 

Are you looking to create items like coasters or serving bowls that will mostly hold hot items? Then, it is best to opt for epoxy resin products that are heat-resistant in nature. 

  • UV-resistant epoxy resin 

The last of the varieties that you can choose is – UV-resistant epoxy resin. For those of you looking to get wooden items or artifacts for the outdoors, this type of resin art will be the best for you. 


How will you pick the correct service provider? 

Assuming you have been reading till here, assuredly you have gained perspective on why this trend is catching up and the various types of resins available. But how will you make a choice? We will give you the factors that will assist you in determining which one to pick – 

  • Note what your project’s requirements are 
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For starters, when you choose the online portal, see if they customize the wooden products according to your taste. Say you wish to get a high-gloss resin product. In that case, you have to see if they have the expertise to carve it and whether it matches your visualized product. 

  • Assess the process and see whether it suits you 

Before you decide to proceed further, you must check the process that they follow and if it suits your requirements. Note the products used, assess the finish and check their curing time (it must be adequate to prevent uneven sides).

  • Read up on the recommendations 

Multiple service providers promise to provide you with quality services. Before you get any such bespoke furniture designed, you must read the reviews and recommendations regarding that furniture curator. Also, most online portals like Woodly Crafts have official client recommendations, which will provide insight into the working process, quality of products used, and customizing options. 

Some quick tips to remember 

Since you have decided to utilize epoxy resin in your bespoke wooden furniture, here are a couple of things you must remember to ensure its extended durability – 

Tip 1 – Keep the epoxy resin wooden furniture away from excessively humid conditions. This causes molding issues and can dim its gloss. Hence, place the resin wood product in a well-ventilated space. 

Tip 2 – When cleaning epoxy resin, start with an ordinary soap and warm water combination. After that, you can use glass cleaner or diluted bleach. 

Tip 3 – To keep the look fresh, you can re-coat it once in two years. 

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Parting thoughts 

With the demand for bespoke wooden furniture increasing with every passing day, epoxy resin has gained immense popularity. Coming with a host of benefits, this wooden medium, unlike any of the other components, has been effective. Now that you are better aware of its multifarious trademarks, assumingly, you can make a well-defined choice. Pick the correct resin wood and see how it helps you carve out that ‘ideal’ piece of furniture and preserve it for years together. 


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