Sunday April 14th 2013

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Thought for the Day

“If your ship doesn’t come in,
swim out to meet it.”

~ Jonathan Winters

Jonathan WintersJonathan Harshman Winters III (November 11, 1925 – April 11, 2013) was an American comedian, actor and artist. Winters’ career started as a result of a lost wristwatch, about six or seven months after his marriage to Eileen in 1948. The newlyweds couldn’t afford to buy another one. Then Eileen read about a talent contest in which the first prize was a wristwatch, and encouraged Jonathan to “go down and win it”. She was certain he could, and he did. His performance led to a disc jockey job, where he was supposed to introduce songs and announce the temperature. Gradually his ad libs, personas, and antics took over the show.


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