Saturday August 21st 2010

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“Music is moonlight
in the gloomy night of life.”

~ Jean Paul

Jean Paul*Johann Paul Friedrich Richter

Born: 21 March 1763 Wunsiedel, Germany
Died: 14 November 1825 (aged 62) Bayreuth, Germany

A German Romantic writer, best known for his humorous novels and stories.

Jean Paul began his career as a man of letters with Grönländische Prozesse (“Greenland Lawsuits”, published anonymously in Berlin) and Auswahl aus des Teufels Papieren (“Selections from the Devil’s Papers”, signed J. P. F. Hasus), the former of which was issued in 1783-84, the latter in 1789. His next book, Die unsichtbare Loge (“The Invisible Lodge”), a romance published in 1793 under the pen-name Jean Paul (in honour of Jean Jacques Rousseau), had all the qualities that were soon to make him famous, and its power was immediately recognized by some of the best critics of the day.

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