Online Poker Offers Advantages for Gamblers Over Live Casino Play


Link between Online Gambling and Canada

Canada and online gambling have been very closely linked since the early 1990s. The Canadian government passed the first of its three bills legalising online gambling in 2002. However, the bills and changes to the laws have been in flux since 2002. 

These changes have been met with heated debates and controversy, and have been opposed by many organisations, including but not limited to the online poker industry itself. 

The online poker industry has had to change strategies to respond to the changing regulatory environment. While an online gaming licence has always been the goal because online poker has taken to the more lucrative market share of online bingo. 

While the industry is not profitable, it is not hurting, either.The online poker industry is more likely to grow as the current market continues to decline, and the online casino market is still growing.

The government has yet to address concerns about underage gambling, but the industry itself is attempting to address the concerns.

The use of international sites by Canadian online gaming players is not specifically prohibited by law. Canada is a growing market for offshore companies, primarily since so many players participate in online poker, baccarat, slots, craps, video poker, roulette, blackjack, and other casino games. Canadians have several options for playing at online casinos.

Playing with Real Dealers 

Before jumping to the advantages let’s first look at the world of online gambling and how to play casino with real dealers. Many authorised and reputable casinos offer mobile and live versions of their games, meaning players can enjoy incredible advantages, benefits, and exclusive features that make gaming and gambling even more immersive.

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Benefits of playing online

Poker players benefit from a few advantages while playing online, so let’s have a look at a few of them. Biggest advantage for online gamblers is in terms of hand volume, the online platform allows over three times as many hands dealt per hour as the conventional platform. 

A higher win rate is therefore observed over time in those with positive expected profits. You can also have calculators and tables available for quick reference when playing online; in a live dealer casino, you rarely have access to a cell phone at the table, and if someone sees you with a poker aid on your phone, you’ll be thrown out. 

You can also have a variety of other betting odds, like oddsmaking, prop bets, and casino odds. The amount of money you can bet or receive in return is also significantly greater online. 

A casino with real dealer can’t pay out any more of your money than it takes in. Online poker providers can offer you more money than that, and more frequent opportunities to bet. 

At a casino, you are usually given a set amount of money to play with, and you have much time to make decisions. At home, you have the flexibility to play as long as you like.

The latter is especially important when playing at home, where you can also use several hours to make decisions and work out your strategy. Many games are best played at the lowest stakes. 

Paying for high stakes may seem exciting, but it also puts you at real risk of being out of pocket.

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You can also play on a site where the terms and conditions are very clear that the site limits players to an agreed amount of money, and will not be liable to you if you lose more than the original amount.

In the case of unlimited websites, there’s no way to know if the platform is legitimate.

But there has been speculation that some unregulated sites feed action cards, which can improve the hand of more than one player, thus increasing the betting/pot size, as well as-random distributions of action cards can screw with the odds that players consider when debating to raise/call/fold facing a bet, and it can make for some frustrating coolers and bad-beats.

Impact of COVID on live poker

According to local casino expert Michelle H. Thomas, As a result of COVID, live poker has been almost entirely shut down for the past few months, and many live players are moving to online poker, resulting in some sites frequently crashing due to the high traffic. It wouldn’t surprise us if online poker revenue doubled what was initially anticipated for this year.

There are a few casinos now opening up with glass screens in between players, but the surge in online poker from COVID will surely ride out the next couple of years. 

People might still be scared to enter the culture and this wouldn’t surprise us if online poker revenue gets doubled of what it was initially anticipated before.

That’s also because live casinos offer all of these advantages as well as fair gameplay, which is one reason why so many people around the world enjoy playing at them. 

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In addition to offering an immersive gaming experience and a unique atmosphere, live casinos are an excellent way to spend your spare time.

So what are you still thinking of? Go enjoy gambling.


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