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Living LifeQuote for the Day
“The life I’m living
is the life I’m given.”

~David Bromberg~
“I Like To Sleep Late In The Morning”

Thought for the Day
I enjoyed my fishing trip yesterday. I returned home and prepared myself a birthday feast. Afterwards I took a brief nap and then headed to the garden where I spent the afternoon picking blueberries.

If I have learned one thing in my life, It’s that I have spent too much of it making plans for the future. I have learned that my future is now. I have no control over tomorrow, it may never come. I must live now and enjoy all that is given me. I found as much pleasure picking blueberries as I did spending the morning fishing. The birds were singing, the chickens were foraging and entertaining me with their antics, my dogs were there beside me, and the creek was playing it’s symphony as it tumbled across the rocks, my dad calls it the original rock music.

Today, after I finish writing this, I will head back to the garden, I have no specific plans, when I arrive there I will do what I see needs done. Regardless of what I do I will enjoy the day, and I will enjoy whatever duties I perform. I have been given a good life, and I am grateful.

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