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“One should respect public opinion
in so far as it is necessary
to avoid starvation and keep out of prison,
but anything that goes beyond this
is voluntary submission
to an unnecessary tyranny.”

~ Bertrand Russell

Opinion : belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge.

So many times I witness those who believe that their opinion is absolute truth. Who will argue or fight for something so simple as an opinion. This is particularly true of political and religious opinions. My opinions are just that, opinions, for whatever reason I believe them to be true, this does not however, give me the right to force that belief on others. At the same time I respect the opinions of others and accept that they too believe their opinions to be true.

Opinions are healthy if they are your own, at the same time are unhealthy, if you have just adopted the opinions of others, or if you allow your opinions to control rather than guide your life. Opinions shared are healthy, so long as they are not forced upon others. I like hearing the opinions of others, another point of view often helps discern what is real and what is not, or at the very least gives another perspective. After all isn’t that all opinions are anyway, perspective? And this is just my opinion!


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