How to Start Meditating? Three Steps to Complete Relaxation

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You’ve been wanting to meditate for a long time, but don’t know where to start? Well, let’s try it together. Actually, it can become as easy as live betting on live matches 22Bet if you follow these 3 steps. 

Step One. Say Goodbye to High Expectations

You think everyone else is getting a huge buzz out of meditation, but you’ve tried it a few times and have had nothing but a stiff back and boredom? Whatever you read on the internet about how cool and enjoyable it is to meditate, divide all the information by at least three, if not ten. Ever since it became fashionable to meditate, very few people admit that they are really just sitting with their eyes closed and trying not to think. Most strive to describe the process with words like “reset,” “a priceless experience,” and “at one with the universe.” Don’t expect anything supernatural.

Step Two. Set a Timer

We set the timer for 10 minutes, which is all we need to get started. Sit on a flat cushion or a folded blanket. Keep your back straight, close your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing. As you inhale, round out your abdomen slightly, and tighten it as you exit. You can just breathe slowly, without the yoga stuff. You are a beginner, it’s up to you to try it. 

Step Three. Start Meditating

That’s basically it. You don’t need to aspire to a state of mindlessness from the very beginning. Don’t get hung up on anything at all, take it easy with meditation. We’re just going to sit there for 10 minutes, try to ignore your leaky ass and wait for the timer to go off.

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It can be annoying, and that’s okay. You are a normal person, and whatever will happen is natural. Accept the fact that drinking tea is more enjoyable than learning to meditate. Sometimes flies will fly, sometimes you’ll be hungry or sleepy. If you scratch your nose in those 10 minutes, remember you didn’t buy milk, and listen to the girl next door play the piano, so be it. You’ll do a little better next time. Move slowly and not wait for anything.

Your Bonus for Patience 

If you want more, while meditating, study the darkness in front of your eyes. It’s only uniform at first glance. Somewhere lighter, somewhere darker, somewhere unexpected bright flashes. Observe these color changes. Sometimes it’s very fascinating. Some images might even emerge. Advanced people work with them and even get answers to their questions.

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