How to Enjoy Summer Without a Blocked Drain


You may be ready for the blazing summer, but is your drain ready to take the heat too? The warmer months can easily wreak havoc on plumbing and result in costly repairs without the proper preparation. Keep in mind, besides, a clogged drain is a serious problem, you will need to fix it immediately before it gets out of hand. And thus, your perfect summer plans can easily get ruined in the blink of an eye. So before that happens, here are tips to avoid blocked drain repair during summer and ways to know your home drain is under threat.

Signs of a blocked drain

  • Water in the kitchen sink is not flowing freely at times or many times in a day
  • Flushing your toilet takes time than normal
  • Gurgling noise coming from the pipe
  • Unusual smell near your drains

You might find these problems not too serious but if you wait before you call a blocked drain cleaning Sydney professional, these will surely put a hole in your wallet.

How to avoid blocked drain repair in summer

1.Understand what to keep away from garbage disposals – A lot of times, we find it more convenient just to put anything in the garbage disposal hoping that it does its job, but that’s not always the case. Watermelon, corn on the cob, as well as your favorite BBQ and other greasy summer grilled food are no good for your drains. You may love these foods, but your drains don’t! Dumping leftovers from these foods can only encourage clogs. So clear off your plates by throwing leftovers into the trash bin. 

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Ultimately, when you understand what to keep away from your disposal, you will eventually avoid blocked drain situations in the kitchen sink not just during summer but all year round.

2.Keep an eye on your laundry for lint-build ups – We all love to spend time outside in the summer months especially after remaining cooped up all winter. However, with all these long beach days, time outdoors, cookouts, pool parties and running around from one place to another lead to more laundry to do and more lint to likely cause clogs.

Water from the washing machine usually contains lint which can freely go right down the drain. If you don’t keep a watchful eye on these lints, they will only make you end up with a pile of laundry to do.

To avoid spoiling your summer, make sure you stay in the house whenever you are doing laundry, so you can catch any issue immediately. Check the hose and consider moving your washing machine away from the wall to prevent it from kinking that can result in blockage. Install a lint screen on the end of the drain hose to prevent lint build ups. 

3.Watch what you flush on the toilet – Summertime means more people at home that can really give your toilet a workout. And the more your toilet is used, the more likely it’ll get blocked if you’re not careful.

To save yourself from nasty blockages, don’t get tempted to flush just anything else down the toilet and use toilet paper with limitations. Toilets are meant to only take water and toilet paper that dissolves not everything else. Make sure to have a plunger on hand to take care of any minor toilet blockages. 

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Unfortunately blocked toilets can happen any time of the year, but they are usually easy to fix yourself. However, if the problem persists, call an unblock drain professional immediately.

4.Get a blocked drain Sydney plumber to do CCTV drain inspection – Every summer, your plumbing needs to be an optimum condition to handle all the things that come with this activity-packed season. However, whilst you can avoid some blocked drain situations with preparation, there is one thing you can’t do that can immediately lead to unexpected damage to your home and emergency repairs – an unwelcome spendings. We’re talking about tree roots.

Summer is also a season where tree roots grow in lengths, but if they don’t get sufficient supply of water during the scorching heat, they will search for it elsewhere. Roots can find your sewer lines in search of water, which can cause leaks and other serious drain problems. 

To prevent this, keep your garden healthy and well-watered during the summer, especially during a prolonged period of super hot weather. If you want to find out whether your drain and sewer lines are on a threat of tree root causing damage, ask a blocked drain Sydney professionals to swing by and have a look at the inside of the pipes with a CCTV drain camera. We can provide you with a solution to permanently fix damages in the pipe caused by tree roots.


Plumbing issues are one of the most hated problems in every household, but luckily we can avoid it by becoming extra cautious and responsible on how we use our plumbing. Take these simple measures this summer, and enjoy precious interrupted moments with loved ones and friends instead of dealing with your plumbing. However, if you have a blocked drain situation that seems to get out of hand, don’t hesitate to call Revolution Pipe Relining for professional help. We offer a range of Sydney drain services from blocked toilet drain, blocked sewer pipe, blocked sewer drain, blocked stormwater drains and even a CCTV drain inspection to inspect pipe damages and build ups before it gets to the point of complete failure.

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