How to Declutter Your Home Once and For Good


Decluttering your home can be an incredibly rewarding experience, with numerous benefits to reap once you’ve completed the task. From improved organisation and stress reduction to money savings and easier cleaning and tidying, these are just some of the reasons why it’s worth taking the time to declutter your home.

Decluttering helps you find things more easily so that you don’t waste time searching for items. You know exactly where everything is so that it’s easy to put away or grab quickly when needed. Additionally, having a well-organized home can help reduce stress levels because you don’t have to worry about finding something in a jumble of clutter.

Finally, decluttering can make it much easier to sell or donate unwanted items rather than storing them in boxes and hoarding them up in your attic or storage unit. This means fewer unnecessary purchases as well as money made from selling stuff online or donating them to charity shops – all while helping others who may need those very items!

Take these steps to organise and relieve stress in your home. So take a deep breath – we all have moments when our homes become cluttered – but remember: there is always an upside if we put in the effort!

Where should you start? 

If you’re new to decluttering and it’s not something you’ve done before, the whole task can seem a bit daunting. And it’s pretty easy to give up before you even start. That’s why it’s essential to start small, and what better room for this than your bathroom? 

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The bathroom is the best place to begin your decluttering journey, as it’s usually the smallest room in the house. Plus, most of the items you store there don’t have any real sentimental value and can just be bagged up and binned. 

Decluttering a small space can be done super quickly and usually takes around one hour tops. 

And once you’re done with the chore, the result will easily motivate you to continue with the rest of the house.

Remember, there’s nothing else like giving yourself small wins once in a while.

What should you donate to charity shops? 

Before donating anything to charity, first, check if it’s in good condition and then think about whether someone would buy it if you posted it online. If the answer to both these questions is yes, the item is probably good enough to donate to charity.

The things we recommend you donate to charity are old clothes that don’t fit you anymore or you just have stopped wearing. Shoes, jeans, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets can also be included in these categories. Just make sure they’re in good condition.

Also, if you have books that you don’t plan to read again and don’t really want to sell, you can donate those as well. The same goes for old furniture that’s in good condition.

Furthermore, you might consider donating household items, such as kitchenware, bedding, and towels, to help those in need. If the items are cleaned before you donate them, they will make them more appealing to a charity shop and more useful. Finally, before you drop off your items, check with the charity shop about any specific donation rules or restrictions.

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What’s better for eBay?

eBay is a great platform for selling old stuff you don’t need, especially if they’ve been well-kept. The most appropriate items to sell on there are, in our opinion, electronics – TVs, monitors, cameras, old laptops that no longer work (for parts), game consoles and games, etc. Even if a certain electronic item no longer works, it can still be sold for parts. 

Plus, older electronics can actually sell for quite a reasonable price, depending on whether they still work and are in demand. Those who sell old clothes in good condition can make a significant amount of money. Selling books on eBay is also a good option if you have a large collection.

What can/should you take to the tip (and are they open right now)? 

There are many items you can chuck away as trash after you’re done decluttering your home. 

These are usually things that cannot be sold or donated due to their rough shape and also serve you no purpose whatsoever.

For example, expired pantry items, last year’s calendar, warped food storage containers, single socks and pens with no ink are items that need to be binned. The same goes for any furniture, carpets and mattresses that no longer serve any purpose. 

You should also check if your local tip is open before you make the trip, as some may have different opening hours. It is also important to check what items they accept before you go, as some tips may not accept certain items, such as hazardous waste.

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Can you ever leave stuff on the street?

There isn’t anything illegal about leaving certain things outside of your home for a passerby to pick up free of charge. The stuff I recommend leaving out like this is older furniture that you can’t sell that isn’t in that bad of a condition. You’d be surprised how fast a table or a desk would get picked up if left outside your home for free pick up. However, it’s not recommended to be potentially dangerous for anyone to pick up. Keep this in mind when leaving items on the street, as some cities and towns prohibit it.

Final Thoughts

In addition to better organisation, reducing stress levels, and saving money, decluttering your home can also benefit you both physically and mentally. Donating or selling items in good condition can free up space and earn you money. Make sure you dispose of items properly that cannot be sold or donated and check local regulations before leaving things on the street. You can enjoy a more peaceful and organised living space by putting in the effort to declutter your home. Utilising a deep cleaning service can save you time and energy by keeping your home organised.

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