Five Things To Consider When Selecting Temporary Housing For Workers


Today, it’s not uncommon for workers to travel to distant or remote locations for several days and months, especially those working in the construction, tourism, and transportation industries. While secondments and temporary assignments can be exciting and rewarding for employees, they also bring a whole new set of challenges, and finding suitable temporary housing for employees is one of the most significant challenges. 

After a long and demanding day of work, your workers would yearn to return to a secure and cozy place where they can rejuvenate and recharge. A relaxing evening and a good night’s sleep are essential for their physical and mental health and help them be more productive the next day. Beyond that, it’s essential for your workforce to feel valued. Providing them with comfortable temporary housing is a tangible expression of your appreciation for their contributions and a testament to your genuine concern for their welfare.

If you are in a construction business, selecting the right temporary housing for your workers is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Several important factors demand your attention if you’re looking for man camps for your workers. In this article, we’ll explore indispensable factors to consider when selecting temporary housing, i.e. man camps:

Location and Proximity to Work Should be Your Top Priority  

Nothing quite compares to the convenience and efficiency of having temporary accommodations situated close to the office or field. That’s why location and proximity to work should be your top priority when finding accommodation for your valued workers. 

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Simply look up man camp near me on your preferred search engine while you are on the construction site to get the best results. Next, research all the available temporary accommodation options around the site. 

Ideally, the temporary accommodation should be close to the site, so your workers wouldn’t have to travel for long hours to reach there. This way, you can channel the precious hours spent on extensive commutes toward more productivity, overall performance, and employee well-being. Your employees will be less tired and stressed and can start each day refreshed and energized. Additionally, ensure public transport and road network are easily available even if the location is minutes away from the workplace. 

Consider the Duration of Stay

The type of accommodation you’ll rent for your employees depends on the duration of their stay. Carefully determine the period of stay of your workers, factoring in any possible delays in project completion, project timeline, and any deadlines. This way, you can determine how long your team members require temporary housing and whether your chosen housing option aligns with the required timeframe. 

Additionally, it’s imperative to be aware that the availability of suitable accommodations may vary based on the duration of stay. The accommodation that may seem ideal for your workers may not be available for long or can only be rented for a specific duration, say a month or two. 

In some cases, the project’s duration might be uncertain or subject to change. In such instances, you need to maintain flexibility in your approach to workforce housing. Choosing the wrong accommodation for your workers may incur additional costs and financial challenges, especially if the project extends over several months. To cope with unexpected situations, you need to explore various temporary housing options or man camps and be open to adjusting the budget accordingly to accommodate any potential extensions or modifications to the project timeline. 

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Amenities Are Vital Necessities, Not Luxuries!

Your workers are the lifeblood of your organization; their physical and mental well-being directly translates into increased productivity and efficiency. Since your employees will be working away from their cherished abodes and beloved families, it’s your responsibility to provide them with the comfort and convenience of a home away from home. 

Incorporating thoughtful amenities can not only bridge this gap and create a stress-free and comfortable environment for your construction site workers but also shows your true determination toward their well-being. The convenience and comfort of amenities contribute to employee satisfaction, boost their morale, enhance their overall happiness, and help them overcome feelings of melancholy while living away from home. 

When considering various man camps, take the time to research amenities, such as home appliances, internet access, housekeeping, parking areas, laundry, and more. 

Ensure Privacy for Cohabitation

Construction projects require moving multiple workers to a distant site. Hence, prioritizing their privacy becomes a crucial factor to consider. Look for temporary housing that can comfortably accommodate all the workers at one site to make this temporary relocation cost-effective while also maintaining the privacy of each worker individually. 

If your workers will be living together for an extended period, prefer housing options with individual rooms, attached bathrooms, and guarded security. Make sure the accommodations have sufficient common areas for leisure and relaxation. While personal space will allow workers to unwind and recharge after a tiring day, a common area will help them spend moments of laughter together and enjoy each other’s company. 

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Consider Flexible Options to Adapt to Unforeseen Circumstances

Once you have shortlisted all your housing options in terms of amenities, budget, location, and size, it’s important to carefully examine the terms and conditions of the temporary lodging contracts. What happens if something breaks? How often will the man camps be maintained? Can you extend the accommodation duration at any time? Usually, you come across crucial information about the terms and conditions only when necessary or unexpected circumstances arise. Therefore, it’s imperative to be proactive and thoroughly review the terms and conditions. 

Additionally, you must consider flexible housing options that allow you to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Evaluate whether the contract offers the possibility of renewal for an extended stay if the need arises. Review the details and check whether the contract mentions free maintenance and upgrades if an appliance, internet connection, or security system malfunctions. When you’re well-prepared for such scenarios, you can be sure that your workers’ temporary housing arrangements can be adjusted according to the evolving requirements of the project or assignment and that the on-site management can handle any unforeseen events.

Final Thoughts

When sending your valued workers away from their beloved homes, you must provide them with an abode that offers comfort, security, and a sense of belonging. Choosing the right temporary housing for our workers is an expression of your commitment to their success and well-being. 

Consider the factors discussed in this article when selecting a temporary housing for workers to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for them and your organization and provide a sanctuary to fulfill their daily living needs. 

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